10 Best Kitchen Flooring Options (Contractor Guide To Kitchen Flooring)

guide to durable kitchen flooring

Kitchen floors take a lot of abuse from the constant foot traffic, heat variations, liquid drips, and ingredient spills. Your floor has to be durable to handle all this pressure. Unfortunately, not all floor surfaces can endure all these harsh factors. This is why every homeowner should be cautious when choosing their kitchen floor material. […]

Remodeling A Kitchen From Start To Finish [Case Study]

remodeling a kitchen from start to finish

What are the differences between regular contractors and The Kitchen Design Team at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling? We were recently asked this question and our crew at just completed another exciting kitchen remodeling project in BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens. This is our third full kitchen remodel in that community and we asked our customers what […]

Best countertop materials for your kitchen

Best countertop materials for your kitchen

A kitchen remodeling project can involve tough choices and at the same time be very costly if you are not careful. Choosing a countertop for instance needs you to conduct due diligence and make a choice out of the possible hundreds in the market. You’ll find countertops made from wood, granite, marble, quartz to mention but a […]

A Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project: Start To Finish Case Study!

A Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project: Start To Finish Case Study!

What Goes Into a Successful Kitchen Remodeling Process? Our crew just completed another exciting kitchen remodeling project in BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens Fl. It was a referral from a previous client. They called us and we agreed to meet at their home to do a consultation. The existing kitchen was an outdated design with some wear […]

How to Change a Kitchen Faucet

How to Change a Kitchen Faucet

If you are looking for how to change a kitchen faucet, yours is probably broken and leaking right now. Or perhaps you are just looking to upgrade your kitchen space with quality and a better-looking faucet. While changing faucets seems like a small task that can be done using common tools, a minor mishap can […]

Tips To Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Tips To Plan your Kitchen Remodeling Project

If your current kitchen is too small, old, or outdated, you need to remodel it. Some homeowners begin remodeling their kitchens by collecting inspiration photos. Others start by shopping for appliances. And still, others begin by hiring experts. We at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling advise that homeowners should not start any activity in the kitchen until they […]

10 Step Ultimate Guide to Remodel a Bedroom

guide to remodeling a bedroom

A dull and messy bedroom can make relaxing uncomfortable. An ideal one needs to be warm and calm enough to have a child’s sleep after working your day away. That’s why you get quality beddings and invest in remodeling. But when some people think of remodeling their bedroom, they imagine inconveniences and several days wasted. […]

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas And Styles For South Florida

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas And Styles For South Florida

Best Kitchen Design Ideas  Let’s face it, Palm Beach isn’t really like anywhere else. The home of the breakers and the style guides of Lilly Pulitzer and Jacquie O’. When you’re remodeling a kitchen here, it’s not similar to anywhere else. To add to it, a kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your […]

Best Design Ideas For Small Kitchens And Kitchen Cabinets in 2021

ideas for a small kitchen

Cooking in a small kitchen can appear like a huge hassle. When you try to open the cabinet doors, there’s little to no space for other activities. With so much congestion, you might begin to think that you have no way to transform the kitchen to become an efficient and stylish space. But that is […]

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen interior with lots of wood, stainless steal appliances and wood floors

Many of us look forward to customizing and thinking about kitchen remodeling ideas. However, kitchen makeover is more than that. Reinvigorating the space goes a long way in ensuring that fresh and updated kitchen remains at the heart of the family. However, when the times come to remodel your kitchen, doing so becomes one of the most […]