10 Step Ultimate Guide to Remodel a Bedroom

guide to remodeling a bedroom

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A dull and messy bedroom can make relaxing uncomfortable. An ideal one needs to be warm and calm enough to have a child’s sleep after working your day away. That’s why you get quality beddings and invest in remodeling. But when some people think of remodeling their bedroom, they imagine inconveniences and several days wasted. But to remodel a bedroom shouldn’t be as demanding as revamping a bathroom or kitchen.

What do you want out of your new bedroom?

Decorations, new wallpaper and a credenza can go a long way. It can be a DIY thing unless you plan it to be a big project like converting your bedroom into a closet. If that’s the case, consider hiring a remodeling expert to do it for you. We can help transform your bedroom into an exciting custom modern space at a cost that doesn’t strain your budget.

Every remodeling is unique because your needs as a homeowner are different from another person’s. This step-by-step guide will help you understand the critical factors that go into the remodeling process. In a nutshell, here are the main focus points for complete remodeling.

  • Floor installation
  • Making new cabinets
  • New door and window installations
  • Bedroom expansion
  • Wall and Ceiling renovations
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Step By Step Guide To Bedroom Renovation

Floor installation

Your bedroom’s floor shouldn’t be dull with cracks that harbor crickets, cockroaches, and other pests. Besides, it should be warm and resistant to damage agents. You also want an energy-efficient floor. Our crew ensures you have the right floor system for your bedroom.

Making new cabinets

Cabinets are an essential part of modern bedrooms. Therefore, your remodeled bedroom should have some. Luckily, we have skilled carpenters with years of experience to ensure you get what surpasses your expectation.

New door and window installations

If the door to your bedroom is in bad shape and requires a replacement, our carpenters are equal to the task. In case your bedroom window is too small to let insufficient natural light, we can make appropriate adjustments.

Bedroom expansion

You may need to demolish a wall or two to expand your bedroom into a master suite featuring a bathroom. Perhaps you also want a space where you can sit and read or watch TV within your bedroom. We can help you achieve that provided there’s enough space for expansion.

Wall and ceiling renovations

A comprehensive bedroom remodeling includes fixing dilapidated walls and an outdated ceiling. We make sure all cracks and holes in the walls are properly sealed to make the walls strong and durable. If your ceiling is old, surging, and leaking, we can install a new one

step guide for bedroom renovation

The Best Way to Remodel a Bedroom

Here are vital ideas that can help you when you look to remodel a bedroom into a fulfilling space in your home:

Set the objectives for remodeling

There are different reasons why homeowners choose to remodel their bedrooms. Maybe you want to sublet or sell your home. Not only will a remodeled bedroom improve the style of your home but also its value. Also, you may be tired of the color, design, and other features in your bedroom and want a fresh look. So set your objectives and be sure to make them realistic, achievable, and easy on your pocket.

Decide the things to change

If your furniture is in good condition, you don’t have to do a replacement when you can refurbish it. A little sanding and applying wood paint or varnish can make your bed and cabinets look new. Therefore, avoid the temptation to overhaul everything in your bedroom unless there’s a persuasive reason.

Remove clutter

Too much clutter gives your bedroom a crowded look. Remodeling presents you with the opportunity to pull out stuff you rarely use, and you’ll probably never use again. You don’t need to hire somebody to remove old clothes and shoes from your closet or the old newspapers in your bookcase.

Get all material for the remodeling project

Once you have your desired bedroom design and the right contractor, purchase all required supplies. You don’t want to run up and down in search of materials when the job is underway. It may result in the completion of tasks beyond set timelines. Tick the items on the bill of quantities as you purchase them.

How to Remodel a Bedroom

Get the colors right

There are hundreds of colors to choose from. However, choosing the wrong colors results in a repulsive space. Consider relaxing colors for your bedroom. Besides, light shades make a small bedroom look spacious and improve on lighting.

Adequate lighting

The design should include sufficient lighting. It should neither be too bright nor too dim. Have a reasonably bright lamp to use for reading, dressing, and watching TV. When sleeping, you require dim lights. That means your bedroom lighting system should have two sets of lamps, i.e. bright and dim lamps.

Temporary bedroom

The bedroom remodeling project may take a while to complete. So ensure you have a makeshift bedroom in your home and shift to it before the project kicks off.


The design of your bedroom should have enough storage. If it is a small bedroom, you can use the vertical space. However, please do not overdo it because it might end up providing room for clutter. Just have ample space for shelving and a closet for your clothes.

Create a sitting space.

Don’t sit on your bed when reading or watching TV. It is advisable to maintain the right posture when doing such activities. Consider having the right seat in your bedroom to avoid spinal complications.

Observe the building code

States and cities have building codes. Be sure to find out what is required to remodel a bedroom in your location. Ignoring the codes may amount to hefty penalties, including pulling down your entire home.

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The Perfect Remodeled Bedroom Done by Experts

Palm Beach Premier Remodeling is a building contractor with modern equipment and skilled experts with extensive hands-on experience. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy by choosing us for your bedroom remodeling:

  • You get custom solutions tailored to your unique needs
  • Reliable services all year round
  • We offer competitive and affordable prices that fit within your budget
  • We guide you on whichever service you may seek from us
  • Continuous support after project completion