A Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project: Start To Finish Case Study!

A Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project: Start To Finish Case Study!

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What Goes Into a Successful Kitchen Remodeling Process?

Our crew just completed another exciting kitchen remodeling project in BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens Fl. It was a referral from a previous client. They called us and we agreed to meet at their home to do a consultation. The existing kitchen was an outdated design with some wear and tear, and our client wanted an upgrade. Parts of the cabinetry were broken, the faucets weren’t functioning properly, and most of the countertop surfaces had abrasions. So, we were tasked to redesign the kitchen and renovate it into an attractive modern space.

Here is how the project happened, from initial consultation through the first meal..

Ready For A New Kitchen?

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Initial Interaction With the Client

Most of our projects are referrals from previous clients. We have happy customers and we’re blessed that they like to give us our number. So the phone call comes in and we enter the information into our customer relationship management system. After deciding if the consultation will be virtual, or in-person we proceed with discovery.  This usually involves us showing up at the house and understanding the kitchen remodeling needs of our client.  This could be anything from cabinetry replacement, countertop changes, or an overhaul of the entire kitchen. Our client in Ballenisles had just bought a house and was looking to renovate the outdated kitchen. They wanted a fresh and modern look.

Deciding on the new kitchen budget

After one of our team members visits with the client and understands their requirements and assesses the scope of the project, it’s time to decide on a budget that makes sense for the project. This allows us to craft the right products and level of customization to fit and exceed the requirement. 


Create A Scope Of Work For The Kitchen

Based on the information we assemble from the site visit, we create a list of requirements, clearly highlighting the costs of materials, labor and design that will occur throughout the project. This process is fully transparent on paper and can be sent through email, presented in person or at our showroom.

Fully Transparent Quote Process

At this point, we have assessed the budget expectations as well as design requirements. We come up with solutions to fit both and present our quote. The prices include everything that is required to complete the project. We like expectations and timetables to be aligned from the start.  We then send a proposal to the client so they can see their role in the entire remodeling process.

Our client wanted everything explained to him and all his questions answered regarding the proposal we emailed him. So we went through the entire list explaining every bit of it. Transparency is core to our operation and so we discuss everything in detail and guarantee there will be no hidden costs or surprises.

We understand the value of transparency to our customers and make it a point for our processes to be straightforward. That means if you are going to pay money for anything, we let you know ahead of time. No surprises. Some of the costs you’ll incur include the design fee which is included in the product list. You pay for our design expertise and the supplies needed for the project. Once the deposit has been made, we order the required products and custom fabricate the cabinets ourself in our kitchen design showroom. After that, we get to work installing your new kitchen.

The Design Process

Once we’ve understood the vision and the needs of our client, created a preliminary proposal based on our onsite discussion, we invite the client to the showroom. It’s here that we recreate their kitchen with everything in position including the cabinetry, counters, and faucets. We alternate these components for the client to pick what they see fit.

The client gets to see and feel the kitchen with everything tangible, not just a picture.

We then feed our prototype into a software program that brings the prototype to life. This then renders into 3D models with different styles of cabinetry. The designs come out such that when you click on the cabinet doors, you see the appliances within. If the client requires any changes on the rendered image, all it takes is a few clicks to add or remove anything.

The Installation and Execution

We agreed on all the structural and design elements, the client paid the required deposit, then the execution began. We got all the products and appliances according to plan. Because they needed an open plan kitchen, we started by knocking down some of the walls of the existing kitchen. 

This was followed by making structural changes to the walls, entrances, windows. Plumbing and electrical wiring came first before other floor and wall fixtures. We then embarked on the finish construction that ensured proper positioning of the cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

The final stage is for touch-ups. That includes crown molding, paint touch-ups, and other detailing requirements. We test all our installations to be sure everything works as planned. After all, we were committed to delivering excellent results.

The average company in Florida does their kitchen remodeling work between 6 to 8 weeks. This is so because some are short-staffed while others lack experience. At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling we do kitchen remodeling in a standard household in two weeks. We use the best 

carpenters and industry contractors, work 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday until the work is done.

The kitchen remodeling process was a massive success. Everything was perfectly designed and executed. Our client is happy in his modern functional kitchen. He says it feels like he’s in a magazine cover every time he uses his kitchen. They spend most of their time in the kitchen.

When to Call a Plumber to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

You might be wondering, can I replace a kitchen faucet myself? The short answer is, yes. But you should know your limits if you are not to cause damage to the water supply lines. If you’ve never been in a plumbing class or done a similar project before, it’s better to call a professional from the onset – don’t even attempt to disintegrate your faucet system.

Another reason you should call a professional is if you want to install a wall-mounting faucet. This is not just because they are new and trendy but also because they are very involving. You’ll need to bring down parts of your wall to successfully install this type of faucet. You might also need to replace your countertop or sink for this faucet to work properly.

This is a Picture of The kitchen design process

Demo to Cooking in Two Weeks

The cost of changing a kitchen faucet widely varies depending on who you hire, the type of faucet you want to install, and where you live. If the plumber is in charge of removing the old faucet, the price will rise.

If it’s just installing a new faucet, you might spend an average of $150. It can go as low as $114 to as high as $189. But if the plumber has to remove the old faucet and replace it with a better unit, you can pay anywhere between $225 to $275. The cost can be even higher if you’ll need your contractor to adjust the water supply system.

Corrosion is one of the common issues that lead to higher costs of replacing a faucet. Rust might require a plumber to saw the faucet out or even need two people to get it out. They collaborate so that one works under the sink while the other works at the top. Two plumbers on your project mean spending more. Drilling the sink or the countertop also calls for more work and additional spending.

Plumbing costs often tempt homeowners to do faucet replacement on their own. But if you are not skilled enough to carry through the entire dismantling and installation process, it’s better to hire a professional plumber from the onset. This way, you avoid causing further damage or poor installation. With a plumber, you are sure of quality results because they come with skills and tools. What you want is a reputable and experienced plumber who is licensed and insured.

Ready For A New Kitchen?

Go From Demo To Cooking in Two Weeks!

And That’s How You Get A Fully Functional, Custom Kitchen By Palm Beach Premier Remodeling

All our renovation projects are personalized according to the needs of the client. We use the highest grade of products throughout the process to always give the best results. Our renovations are geared towards making a functional kitchen optimized for the needs of the family.

Every task in the kitchen is hassle-free. With the press of a button, most of your hidden kitchen appliances within the cabinet pop out, plugged, and ready for use. You don’t have to reach in there to plug any of your kitchen appliances with us handling your job. Experience The Premier Difference.