Best Design Ideas For Small Kitchens And Kitchen Cabinets in 2021

ideas for a small kitchen

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Cooking in a small kitchen can appear like a huge hassle. When you try to open the cabinet doors, there’s little to no space for other activities. With so much congestion, you might begin to think that you have no way to transform the kitchen to become an efficient and stylish space. But that is not always the case. Our expert contractors have the reputation of building dream kitchen cabinets and enhance the overall look of your kitchen – even in the tiniest of kitchens. In the hands of an expert, there’s no limitation to what your small space can be. Here are small kitchen cabinet ideas to try out.

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Choose Bright Colors

When your kitchen is small, and you have no immediate plans to build a spacious one, it’s good to build small cabinets and paint them with bright colors. These cabinets reflect light and make the room feel welcoming and spacious. If you have dark wood cabinets in a small kitchen, you will notice that the space feels oppressive, tiny, and claustrophobic because they absorb light. 

Paint the Cabinet to Match the Wall

You can also effectively create an illusion of extra space in your kitchen by painting your kitchen cabinets to match the walls. When you ask our contractors to build a small custom kitchen cabinet for you, we don’t just pick any bright color around. Instead, we take our time to find out the color of your walls. If it is white, grey, or any other that can create an airy space, we build cabinets that match that color. But if the background is too dull, we recommend that you use our expertise to design your kitchen to suit the need at hand.

Use the Tops of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Once you have built and designed the right kitchen cabinets, use this smart idea to create adequate space in your room. The space on top of your cabinets can safely store any of your utensils.  Put your special-occasion serving utensils, and extra pantry supplies way up there, as you only use them occasionally.  If there are too many and you are concerned about how the top would look, you can use creative ways of hiding the stash, including using beautifully colored baskets.

drawers vs doors

Turn Your Kitchen Cabinet Shelves into Drawers

Many people love shelves when they are on walls. Whenever they are in kitchen cabinets, one can hardly figure out the hidden items in the back. That is why we advise our customers, especially those that want our small custom made kitchen cabinets, to turn them into drawers. It helps a lot in small kitchens. But you also have the option of adding baskets to the shelves to enable you to pull them out whenever you intend to access whatever has been stored in the back.

Put Some of Your Utensils on Display

The dream of every kitchen lover is to store their dishes and other utensils so they appear decorative. With custom kitchen cabinets meant for small kitchens, achieving this is possible. With a little bit of creativity, your custom cabinets can be designed so the dishes appear as though they’ve been let out on purpose.

A bookcase or freestanding shelf is also a great alternative for displaying your utensils. But be sure to choose tall ones so that you are not forced to give up too much corner space for them. Again, these will serve well in your living area in case you don’t like them in your kitchen. And yes, you can display your attractive dishes to your visitors and increase the aesthetic value of your living room with it.

Take Cutlery to the Walls

When the kitchen is small and cannot accommodate a large cabinet, you must value every square inch of it. That’s why you shouldn’t cover all your walls with cabinets, particularly in small kitchens. With expert input, you can leave spaces within your walls to use for hanging some utensils and cutlery. Look for a safe location on your walls and hang your magnetic knife rank there. Here, you are free to hang other things that are not necessarily knives. When we say safe, you should avoid placing them in high traffic areas or too low where children can reach. Remember you can’t hang them too high as well.

Use the Sides and Bottoms of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Check whether your cabinets butt up against any wall. Do the sides touch the wall? If not, there’s additional space for storing items that you can hang.

You can add shelves, attach your pot rail, and do much more on the sides of the cabinets and, thereby, save plenty of space in your kitchen.

There are plenty of attractive hooks you can attach at the bottom of your cabinets. That provides a great opportunity to hang mugs, small tools, cutlery, and more. You can also choose to make floating spice racks by using magnetic strips. So much storage for metallic utensils there!

Small Kitchen Design
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Add a Mirror

Other than seeing your funny faces as you cook and explore the kitchen, mirrors can make your kitchen feel very significant. What happens is, you create an opportunity to “double” what you can see. That provides the impression that you are in a bigger kitchen.

You can also install mirrors in your cabinets to provide the same effect. With this installation, when you open the small cabinet door, it appears to be big. The idea behind using mirrors is not to expand your space but to help you avoid feeling squeezed.

Why Choose Experts to Design your Cabinets and Build Custom Kitchen Doors?

When guests visit your kitchen, cabinets are the first things that they notice. You don’t want them thinking this space is too squeezed, or these cabinets are too big. That’s why you need to design kitchen cabinets that specifically suit your kitchen. An expert who can build the best kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen doors, and fit them in a way that suits your unique requirements is what you need. If you are looking for a kitchen cabinet’s pro to help you, contact Palm Beach Premier Remodeling. We are happy to help you fast.

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  1. Thanks for the tip of looking for a cabinet that could match the overall color of your kitchen so that it won’t look out of place. I’ve been thinking about giving my kitchen a refreshed look, but I’m not sure where to start. I’ll use your tips and consolidate all of my options before starting my project.