Best countertop materials for your kitchen

Best countertop materials for your kitchen

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kitchen remodeling project can involve tough choices and at the same time be very costly if you are not careful. Choosing a countertop for instance needs you to conduct due diligence and make a choice out of the possible hundreds in the market. You’ll find countertops made from wood, granite, marble, quartz to mention but a few. All these materials come with their benefits and disadvantages. For instance, one might be very cheap but not so durable while the other could be durable and attractive but very pricey. There’s a long list of considerations you must check.

It’s important that you involve professionals any time you want to choose a counter material. Our remodeling experts at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling are always committed to helping you understand your choices and even suggest the best vendors in Florida and the surroundings. Here are the best countertop materials we suggest for your kitchen.

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Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have a long history as countertops in most affluent homes. It defines luxury and elegance wherever they are installed. This material provides a durable countertop that is impervious to heat. It fits well both in modern and old school kitchen designs. The best part is that you can choose out of about 3000 color varieties in the market. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.

The downfall of this material lies in its price – it’s very expensive. And you’ll need to seal it to keep the porous surfaces from staining and collecting dust. It’s also not the product you want if you want to do the installation by yourself. It can crack when wrongly installed and when under undue stress.

Quartz Countertops

If you are looking for a countertop material that is resistant to heat, impact, chemical reactions, staining, and scratching, then look no further than Quartz countertops. Also known as engineered stone, they are nonporous and won’t need sealing like the granite countertops. You can also select from a wide selection of colors, patterns, and types. With these properties, quartz has almost equal popularity as the granite countertops.

There are two major concerns with this type of counter material. They are costly and very heavy making the installation process a pain. You don’t want to install a quartz when alone.

Marble Countertops

Marble is a natural stone installed in luxurious kitchens to give a stylish and functional surface. Each kitchen with this material type will look unique because the veins and patterns in marble sheets are all different. Marble is also waterproof and heatproof as well. As you might tell by now, this unique kitchen installation can add value to your home.

Marble kitchen countertops come with their share of challenges though. First, you can’t do the installation by yourself. The stone is porous, which means that they stain quickly unless you apply a sealant over it. That makes the cleaning and maintenance work tedious. The price tag is also too high which makes homeowners avoid it for other materials. Some people opt to use it as a section of their countertop just to display luxury and for baking purposes.

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Ceramic Tile Countertops

Most modest kitchens go with ceramic tiles because of their affordable costs. They are also easier to install and when they get damaged in the process, you can easily replace them. Modern design developments avail tones of colors, patterns, and hues. You can install ceramic tiles that resemble wood, quartz, marble, cork, or even leather. You can even order custom ceramic tiles and the manufacture works and deliver them to you. The variety you get with this option cannot be compared to any other countertop product we are discussing in this article.

These products are very delicate and require you to be careful during the installation. Those using the kitchen countertop should also avoid dropping stuff on the counter because the brittle ceramic tiles might break. If you choose this material, beware that it won’t feel as prestigious as marble, granite, and other high-end products.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is another beautiful natural stone that was loved in historic days as well as modern times. It’s dark gray in color and feels smooth when touched. Some homeowners and contractors see it as a great alternative to granite considering it is fairly priced than granite and provides almost equal prestige. As you continue to use soapstone countertops, they age into beautiful antique-like surfaces that can greatly enhance the look of your kitchen.

Unlike other natural stones, this one doesn’t attract dirt, it’s resistant to stain, and is quite manageable to maintain. And when it gets scratches, you can just sand it and get back your smooth surface. But soapstone posses a few challenges: It needs periodic treatment with mineral oil and it can darken into an unattractive color with time.

Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are perhaps one of the oldest kitchen surfaces you’ll find out there. They have been used as butcher blocks for centuries and are still very useful in modern times. The warm wood colors improve the ambience of your kitchen. The fact that wood is highly resistant to heat makes it a favorite in the kitchen because you stop worrying about destroying your surfaces with hot pans and pots. If you use hardwoods like oak and maple, they are more reliable because they are impact-resistant and add a natural feel to your kitchen. We’ve seen many homeowners combine wood with other products as their kitchen installation. This adds to the color and luxurious look you’d find in five-star hotels.

If you are going to install a countertop using the best quality of wood, you’ll have to part with good money. They are fairly expensive. Wood is also not resistant to water and can rot away with time if exposed to water. If you don’t maintain high hygiene standards, dirty wood surfaces can allow the growth of bacteria. You also need to invest in periodic sealing and oiling to avoid cracking.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete slab is well known for flooring but now it has become a common product for countertops. They produce unique and very durable surfaces. These countertops offer surfaces you can decorate and customize to the look of your home. To get rid of the boring grey concrete color, here are decoration options like epoxy, staining, stamping, polishing, and sealing, among others. These flooring options not only decorate your floors but also improve their durability by a huge margin. For instance, if you apply epoxy on your countertop, you’ll likely enjoy several decades of service from your installation. No more cracking, chipping and scratching.

The downside is that concrete is highly porous and must be sealed to enjoy its service. Those who plan to do it on their own would rather try other options because concrete is complex to install and decorate, requiring an expert on-site. The custom work on these surfaces can raise the prices as well.

Laminate Countertops

If you are looking for a countertop that’s easy to maintain, with a variety of choices, and inexpensive then laminate countertops are a good choice. Laminate is a combination of synthetics coated using plastic. You can buy these products in preformed segments to make the installation work very easy. Laminates have become popular because they come in all manner of styles, colors, and patterns. If you wish, you can order custom solutions for your kitchen surfaces.

If you plan to sell your home, it won’t do much in improving its value. They are viewed as an average kitchen installation. These materials can get scratches and chips yet very difficult (almost impossible) to repair. You’ll also need to bear the visible seams.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops came into style around fifty years ago and have a beautiful stone look with the benefits that come from a nonporous surface. Solid surface countertops are usually referred to as a Corian® Solid surface countertops are a combination of acrylic particles and resins which are shaped into sheets that serve as countertops. You’ll also find solid surfaces as utensils and sinks. The fact that they can mimic natural stone so well and create an impression of luxury makes them a mid-tier kitchen countertop material. They are an excellent choice if you lack a budget for countertops made of quartz and granite in large kitchens. This surface does not stain, they get scratched but you can sand out the damage,

Solid surface is moderately costly and its installation vulnerable to heat. So you’ll need to keep your hot pots and pans away from the surfaces. You’ll also need a separate butcher block with this installation.

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Benefits Of Solid Surface Countertops


Solid surface countertops com in over 100 finishes and colors.


Corian® countertops are extremely resistance to wear and tear.


Corian® solid surface countertops have no visible seams or places for bacteria to live.

Low Maintenance

These countertops have extremely low maintenance and unlike Marble, they are extremely easy to deal with if there are ever knicks and scratches.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel is the toughest product on this list. It provides a contemporary and industrial look. As you can tell, these countertop surfaces are great for commercial and industrial kitchens. These countertops are resistant to heat even though they are good heat conductors. If you are looking for a modern look for your kitchen that is easy to maintain and clean, then go for these countertops. In addition, these countertops are of premium quality and add to the value of your home.

The downside of this countertop material is that everything you do on the surface of this material will produce some sort of noise. It can also be easily scratched, making it a bad surface to do your cutting. Also, this product can be costly to install and fabricate.

Recycled Countertops

If you are looking for a dramatic appearance as your kitchen countertop, then choose recycled materials. This option uses a combination of stuff with the goal of sustainability. The components might include a mix of concrete, paper, glass, composite, and plastic among other pre and post-consumer items.

As you might tell, they come in all manner of pomp and texture. These are also low on maintenance and easy to clean. So how about you own a kitchen countertop with eco-friendly components and feel good knowing you are doing something to contribute to the well-being of our planet? There’s also a chance that you can order custom countertops based on your kitchen needs.

Glass Countertops

Imagine a kitchen with glass countertops all around. Beautiful. Besides the sleek look of glass surfaces, you can cut them in any texture and shape you desire. You also have an endless choice of colors you can pick. There’s also recycled glass. While there are brittle glass surfaces, modern development in glass technology allows you to install very durable options. Choose glasses that are one-inch thick and tempered to enjoy long life out of your countertop surfaces. These surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they are not porous, sorting out all your hygiene concerns.

Glass can develop scratches over time making it important never to use it as a butcher block. They are pricey to install as well so be prepared to spend your money through the installation process. It’s also worth mentioning that this product is not for those that plan to do their own project. They are better left in the hands of professionals.

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