Remodeling A Kitchen From Start To Finish [Case Study]

remodeling a kitchen from start to finish

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What are the differences between regular contractors and The Kitchen Design Team at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling?

We were recently asked this question and our crew at just completed another exciting kitchen remodeling project in BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens. This is our third full kitchen remodel in that community and we asked our customers what was different. This is what they had to say about the process they experienced with us. 

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Here’s what they had to say after the full kitchen remodel was finished in Palm Beach Gardens

Tom Palm Beach Gardens Resident

I’m Tom Padgett, and I’m a happy client of Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, and I’m pleased to be here to tell you about it.

And I’m Neal Patchett, and I love my kitchen. I love my bathroom. The premier remodeling did. And, um, and we love Austin and  We had we purchased this house about three and a half years ago with the intention of remodeling it, and it’s 30 years old and I had interviewed, believe it or not, five different contractors and I got three legitimate prices. 

And Austin was the last one, but was absolutely the best, the most well, to find the most complete and and the very valid need to understand that I did this for a living for 40 years.

I knew what to look for. And Austin’s estimates was very complete and very cost effective. We chose our made our selections through his showroom, which was a very pleasant experience. It was very well managed. 

The process itself that the his we had we stayed pretty much on budget. We made a few changes, but he was tracking of the change orders was impeccable. Everything was accurate. All the bills, there was not a penny misplaced.  The most positive thing was the quality of the work it was just fantastic. And I knew what to look for. But I think actually the team at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling was a little bit leery of working for a custom builder, but but it turned out great and his people were terrific to finish carpentry, the tile work, the painting, the electrical work, everything was just first class.

I can’t say enough good things about the kitchen design and remodeling team at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling.

How was the communication throughout your project?

The communications were great. The person that was managing the project did a terrific job. We moved in about bit because we had to get out of where we were a week or two weeks too early.

There were a few things that hadn’t come in, the materials, it hadn’t arrived. And this was in a period difficult to get materials and a few doors and I can’t remember what but they set expectations with us from the start and that made it easier for us to manage. Transparency throughout the process is important and they take care of that.

But anyway, we moved in anyway, so we had the crew here and we got to know them and and just really liked them. It was just a real pleasure. The whole experience was a pleasure.

remodeling a kitchen

Did you enjoy working with the Kitchen Remodeling Contractors?

Oh, I think they’re tailor made for this type work. Great personality.  Absolutely, yeah, yeah, we have, yeah, yeah. The people, yeah, the people were just fantastic. 

Yeah, I mean, I’m a custom home builder and I could not have actually done better, but I could have done it myself. but if I did, I couldn’t have done anywhere near as good a job or nor would it would have taken twice as long. And I wouldn’t have had these great people.

Right. They they were they became almost like family. So we I opened the door and I said, come on in. What do you want for breakfast? Very nice

Let’s talk about what happened during your kitchen transformation?

OK, so let’s talk about your pitch and what do. Did you ever get down to fix things? Oh, the efficiency.
We tore out a whole wall, um, and it just really needed to be updated. So when tearing out that wall from walking in the front door, I guess the kitchen’s kind of the main focal point at this at this point in time. Um, but and I really don’t like to cook

People walk in our house now and eat it before and they don’t know. I think they’re in the same house.

Yeah, you’re just dinner and they love the backsplash and and and with Austin’s help, you know, we picked out the right things to go together and we’re very pleased.

The client gets to see and feel the kitchen with everything tangible, not just a picture.

We then feed our prototype into a software program that brings the prototype to life. This then renders into 3D models with different styles of cabinetry. The designs come out such that when you click on the cabinet doors, you see the appliances within. If the client requires any changes on the rendered image, all it takes is a few clicks to add or remove anything.

What Materials Did you choose?

I’m used to having the entire universe of selections. And, uh, and that’s what kind of a dangerous thing actually staying within Austin’s program, if you want to call it that. And I’m sure he’s not married to it, but using his suppliers and his the the the companies that he does business with and the cabinet people and so on, um, turned out to be a winner all the way around. I feel like we just got a terrific deal, basically, and a good job.

This was followed by making structural changes to the walls, entrances, windows. Plumbing and electrical wiring came first before other floor and wall fixtures. We then embarked on the finish construction that ensured proper positioning of the cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

The final stage is for touch-ups. That includes crown molding, paint touch-ups, and other detailing requirements. We test all our installations to be sure everything works as planned. After all, we were committed to delivering excellent results.

Ready For A New Kitchen?

Go From Demo To Cooking in Two Weeks!

Demo to Cooking in Two Weeks

The average company in Florida does their kitchen remodeling work between 6 to 8 weeks. This is so because some are short-staffed while others lack experience. At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling we do kitchen remodeling in a standard household in two weeks. We use the best 

carpenters and industry contractors, work 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday until the work is done.

The kitchen remodeling process was a massive success. Everything was perfectly designed and executed. Our client is happy in his modern functional kitchen. He says it feels like he’s in a magazine cover every time he uses his kitchen. They spend most of their time in the kitchen. 

Driving Directions To Our Kitchen Design Showroom

And That’s How You Get A Beautiful Functional, Custom Kitchen By Palm Beach Premier Remodeling

All our renovation projects are personalized according to the needs of the client. We use the highest grade of products throughout the process to always give the best results. Our renovations are geared towards making a functional kitchen optimized for the needs of the family.

Every task in the kitchen is hassle-free. With the press of a button, most of your hidden kitchen appliances within the cabinet pop out, plugged, and ready for use. You don’t have to reach in there to plug any of your kitchen appliances with us handling your job