Why You Should Get White Kitchen Cabinets

Why You Should Get White Kitchen Cabinets

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If you have been checking out kitchen remodeling ideas, you probably have seen more than a few photos of airy kitchens featuring white cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are a timeless design staple that make kitchens look clean, organized, and spacious. If you are leaning in this direction for your own kitchen remodel, getting white cabinets should be high on the list. But if you are on the fence, you might need some additional convincing that white cabinetry is right for you.

In this post, we are going to explain exactly why white cabinets are all the rage in kitchen trends today. First, we will explore the practical and aesthetic benefits of white cabinet doors in-depth. Then, we will go over any potential drawbacks you should know about. Let’s jump in.

reasons for white cabinets

Top Reasons to Choose White Kitchen Cabinets

1. Give your kitchen an airy, spacious look and feel.

From an aesthetic perspective, one reason to go with white is that it really helps to open up the look of your kitchen. With a large kitchen, it does a good job highlighting the spaciousness that is already present. With a tiny kitchen, it can create an illusion of more room.

2. Brighten a dim environment.

Another consideration is that bright white paint reflects light. So, if you have a kitchen that does not get a lot of natural light, white kitchen cabinetry that reflects light can help to direct sunlight throughout the space. That means how much sunlight you have–or how little–will no longer hold you back from achieving the look you want.

3. Your white kitchen cabinets will never become outmoded.

Are white cabinets still in style in 2020? Absolutely. Will they still be in style in 2030 or 2040? Again, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Whether you are going with stark white cabinets or off white cabinets, you are choosing a timeless look.

White kitchens were popular years ago, and they will remain so years from now. With white kitchen cabinets, you will probably feel as good about your kitchen design in a few years as you do today.

4. If you want to update your white kitchen cabinets, it is easy.

This may not be your first kitchen remodel, and it may also not be your last. Even though you will probably still love your white cabinetry in your house years from now, you might want to add a new twist now and again to that timeless simplicity.

Should that be the case, you will not need to get entirely new cabinets, nor will you need to repaint your white cabinets. Instead, you can just swap out the hardware. Pretty much anything looks good with white, so you should find plenty of possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities, you might feel like redecorating your kitchen at some point as well. With white kitchen cabinets, you can replace any elements in your kitchen and effortlessly get a nice match. Whether you update your curtains, replace your backsplash, or change your wall color, your white cabinets will still be right at home.

5. Repairing your white kitchen cabinets doesn’t require matching a specific color of paint or caulk.

When your cabinets are white, you are going to notice right away if there is any sort of damage. But that is a good thing, since you can repair it fast.

Moreover, it is easy to repair white wood cabinets. Why? Because finding matching paint or caulking is a breeze. If, on the other hand, your cabinets were some other color, you might need to search high and low for matching caulk and paint colors. And there is a possibility you still would not achieve the perfect match.

6. White cabinets in the kitchen can complement a classic or modern decorative style.

Another of the top white kitchen cabinets pros is the fact that they are compatible with just about any design style you can think of.

White kitchens can be traditional, country, contemporary, or ultra-modern and minimalist. So, whatever look you are trying to achieve, you can create just the kitchen feel you desire for your house.

7. White for your cabinets is a smart option from a resale perspective.

You may be in love with the idea of kitchen cabinets in unusual colors. But will dark cabinets in exotic shades be attractive to buyers in the future?

If you expect to put your home up for sale at any point down the line, it makes sense to choose a color that will offer broad appeal and never go out of style. A white kitchen is one that most buyers should love, so it can boost the resale value of your property.

8. Any accent colors can work well with white.

While an all white kitchen can bring a minimalist appeal to your house, you might be interested in incorporating some darker colors into your home renovation.

What are some hues that go well with white? Try … anything. Teal, harvest gold, orange, gray, navy–white will help all of these hues to stand out. You can switch accent colors in and out without ever having to change your white cabinetry. And if you want to go back to white as your only color, you can do so at any time.

On that same note, just about any style or color for your countertop can work well with white. So feel free to change counters now or in the future. Whatever countertops you choose, you won’t need to change your cabinets.

9. You can spot mold quickly with white cabinetry.

There are a lot of things to love about living in Florida, but mold from high humidity isn’t one of them.

Mold stands out on white cabinets. That may not seem like a good thing–who wants mold-stained cabinets? But mold is a health concern, especially in a room where you are preparing food. So, the faster you spot it, the better!

You will notice mold on your white cabinets the moment it takes hold. That means you can can take steps to remove it immediately.

On cabinets with a darker color, on the other hand, you might not realize for weeks that mold is invading your space. As it spreads, it becomes a lot harder to kill.

Are There Any Drawbacks To White Kitchen Cabinets?

You now have some reasons to consider a white kitchen. But do white kitchens have any disadvantages?

1. Wear and tear stand out.

When darker cabinets are not in great shape, you do not always notice the damage. But white is a pretty unforgiving shade. Even the most minor scratches or nicks will jump out at you.

This is not really a “bad” thing in that it gives you the chance to repair small problems before they turn into bigger ones. But it does mean you may spend more time making repairs to your wood than you might like to keep it looking pristine.

2. Even minor dirt or smudges are noticeable.

Some people say that white wood gets dirty faster than wood with other finishes. In truth, white is no more prone to collecting dirt than any other surface, but dirt is more visible. So, you may spend extra time cleaning your kitchen space. But a little dish soap should do the trick as usual.

3. Your white kitchen may feel cold.

 While white may bring light and openness to a small kitchen, in a larger space, its effect may feel cold and uninviting.

The good news is that you can bring warmth back to this room in your house just by incorporating some other colors in your counters, appliances, and decor. Something as simple as a beautiful granite countertop may be all you need to create a more welcoming, cozy ambiance.

Frequently asked Questions About White Cabinets

Can Wood Cabinets Be Painted White?

Yes. In fact, wood makes a great surface for painting. But it takes around 5-6 days to paint both your upper and lower cabinets, which is a good reason to bring in a professional. Once the job is done, it will look like a whole new kitchen.

What if my cabinet doors are a different color?

Some people enjoy a two-tone look where the cabinet frame and the cabinet door are two different shades. If you want to go with white for just one component, and a different shade for the other, that is completely up to you. It can make for an interesting kitchen design.

If you already have a two-tone look and no longer want other colors on your cabinetry, just paint the cabinets and their doors the same crisp white.

Should I do white or gray kitchen cabinets?

Whether you want to go with white, gray, or other colors for your cabinets is completely up to you. There are pros and cons to any option. Consider both the practical and aesthetic impacts different shades will have as part of your decision-making process. Go with what looks and feels right for your space. For many homeowners, white is an ideal option.

Palm Beach Premier Remodeling Can Install White Cabinets in Your Dream Kitchen

Now you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of a white kitchen. If you want to enjoy the timeless elegance and practical benefits of white cabinets in your Florida kitchen, Palm Beach Premier Remodeling can make it happen.

We can paint your existing cabinets or build custom kitchen cabinets to your specifications.  Our professional remodel will transform your space into the new kitchen of your dreams.