How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

hiring a contractor for remodeling

We at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling understand why hiring a professional Bathroom remodeling contractor or kitchen remodeling contractor can be overwhelming. With so many contractors promising all sorts of outcomes and the horrifying stories from customers, you might wonder who perfectly suits your needs. But with us, this shouldn’t be intimidating. Whether you have a […]

How to Start a Home Remodeling Project

The first step is often the hardest; regardless of whether we are talking about a home remodeling project or a college essay, gaining momentum in any venture can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start. The process of remodeling a home can seem intimidating at first, but the majority of home-owners agree that […]

Choosing the Best Home Remodeler

It’s no secret that choosing the best home remodeler is the most important part of the whole home remodeling process. The old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more apt when we think about the decision to hire a professional to renovate your home. The experience of home remodeling and renovation […]

Wellington Florida Home Remodeling Guide

wellington florida home repair remodel

Wellington is known for its large communities, large ranch-style and contemporary style homes, and a rich equestrian background. In fact, Wellington is home to the largest and lengthiest running equestrian show in the world! Known as the Winter Equestrian Festival, this event runs every January to April, and holds more than 40 weeks of equestrian […]

Increase the Value of Your Home 

Many people think that in order to substantially raise the value of your home, it’ll cost an arm and a leg. While home remodeling can cost a pretty penny, there are many variables that are well within your control. While many factors simply cannot be controlled, such as the real estate and housing market, the […]