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Interior & Exterior Painting

One of the best ways to keep your home, apartment, or business place refreshed and enriched is to use quality interior and exterior painting. We understand that your home or commercial building is important to you, and when it comes to painting, you want an exceptional job done. Choosing Palm Beach Premier Remodeling for your exterior and interior painting means we will provide all the support needed in selecting the right colors, and all the paint at reasonably competitive prices. We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure we are the best home remodeling contractor providing exterior and interior painting solutions.

On every project, our number one priority is to ensure our customers are satisfied with the painting solutions we provide. Throughout the entire painting process, our team of experts will keep you updated on the dos and don’ts to ensure you get the best results out of our service. We have contacts at Sherwin Williams and other paint suppliers where we will get you the right price and even help you pick colors if you would like. Sometimes our teams paint through the night so you can get back into your rooms faster. One reason we are the best and most preferred home renovation company that offers exemplary painting services is how we clean up after the paint job.

Residential Interior Painting

At our home renovation company, we pride ourselves in the provision of quality interior painting solutions. Whether it is residential or commercial space, we start the painting job on a personal level. We ask the client what type of painting they would like for their space, or you allow us to provide recommendations for the best kind of paint suitable for your space. We also take custom requests from customers who might be interested in other painting solutions for their interior space.

We are considered the best home remodeling contractor in Palm Beach County providing interior painting solutions. This is because we take our customer’s considerations very seriously. We make every necessary step needed to do an exemplary interior paint job from surface preparation, drywall analysis, caulking, wallpaper removal, to painting your interior.
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Why you should hire us to do your exterior and interior painting

Painting can be messy and time-consuming when you hire the services of inexperienced and amateur painters. The results can be disappointing to leave alone a paint job that can’t last for long without wearing off. We consider ourselves the best home renovation contractor to offer interior and exterior painting solutions because of the following reasons.

Residential Exterior Painting

If you are searching for the best exterior painting contractor near me, our home renovation contractor is always there to provide our high quality services. We understand that a quality exterior paint job is vital for the fresh appearance of your building, and it helps from water intrusion and rot.

Quality exterior painting job provides a visual appeal that increases the value of your building and gives you a sense of pride among your neighbors. We are the best home remodeling company in Palm Beach County, and surrounding areas. This is because our exterior paint job lasts for many years and we love professionally doing our work.
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We are trustworthy

Our painting team has attention to detail. We are fully responsible, on time and hassle free. When you deal with Palm Beach Premier Remodeling you are dealing with professionals that can get your painting job done on a fast timeline. We paint doors as well, but not windows 😉

At our home renovation company, we ensure we deliver what the client expects and can even go beyond your expectations. Our painting experts know how to choose quality paints, and the use of the right tools and equipment ensures we do a proper job. We have a positive reputation in providing quality exterior and interior painting solution to all the customers we have served.

We help you save money and time

Our painting team is extremely experienced and cleanly. Don’t worry about getting paint all over the place or having a messy job. We mark everything off with tape, use tarp and do the job correctly. From Painting to Window Installation, We are precise in our actions and take pride in our work as well as your home.

We offer extra services

A quality paint job is complemented by pressure washing the corridors and walking paths on request; we can provide such additional services. Pressure washing ensures that the hallways and pathways are clean to match the newly painted house or building. Through the division of labor, our experts can provide extra home refurbishing services that will leave your whole home looking great and refreshed.

Palm Beach Premier Remodeling is your number one home renovation contractor offering exterior and interior painting solution. Try us today, and you will be amazed by the transformation we are capable of bringing to your home or business.