The Best Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

Best Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

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A laundry is commonly a small place in a home and the tendency in most households is to give it less attention. Some people even use it as a mudroom, pet feeding area, or a store for the things they rarely use. But that shouldn’t be the case. When you plan to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh look, you should also remodel the laundry.

 Many contractors offer laundry room remodeling services in Palm Beach. And just like in a DIY project, each has its unique approaches and processes. However, not every contractor you meet can provide you with the laundry remodeling solution you need. You, therefore, want to partner with a professional who understands the remodeling process inside out like Palm Beach Premier Remodeling.

 That said, whether you have a small or luxurious laundry room, there are steps you can follow to get the desired remodeling outcome.

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The Laundry Room Remodeling Checklist

Some of the things we do to remodel the laundry to the space you’ll love to see include:

  • Floor installation
  • Making Shelves, drying racks, and cabinets
  • Door and window installation
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Wall resurfacing
How to remodel the laundry

1. Floor installation

A floor inspection will determine whether your existing laundry floor requires an overhaul or minor repair. Upon completion of the inspection, we often advise you on an economical modern flooring solution that will fit well and serve right.

2. Making shelves, drying racks, and cabinets

Sometimes it’s a repair or replacement of shelves, racks, and cabinets. If you plan to dispose of your outdated and worn-out laundry furniture, you’ll need to invest in quality material. It would be great to get help from creative and gifted carpenters that can make quality shelves, drying racks, and cabinets. At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we have different modern laundry furniture designs you can choose from.

3. New door and window installations

Do you wish to change your laundry door?  Your laundry window is too small? You want to invest in a door and window that can allow sufficient natural light into the room. Doing this saves you the energy bills resulting from laundry lamps that you put on every time you are using the room.

4. Wall resurfacing

Your laundry wall shouldn’t have cracks and holes unless you are interested in entertaining pests in the room. Wall resurfacing is a sure way to deny the insects a place to hide and keep your clothes safe. Plus, resurfacing fortifies the walls by reducing the likelihood of the worsening of the cracks.

5. Interior and exterior painting

After resurfacing your walls, it’s now time to paint them. Painting requires an expert who understands the blending of colors not just to yield cool visual appeals but also produce quality work. By the end of the day, your laundry walls should look neat and colorful as any other wall in your home.

Remodeled Laundry

Super Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

If you are planning to remodel your laundry, here are the ideas you’ll want to consider when you are ready.

1. Scope of the project

What is it you want to change? Is it the cabinets, shelves, countertop, or floor? You have to be sure about that to avoid running into the expenses for which you had not planned. Getting the right scope aids in, among other things, making the correct layout.

2. Reason for the change

Homeowners plan on making changes to their laundry rooms for different reasons. You may want to revamp your laundry to make it more functional. Perhaps you want to increase storage or add appliances to improve on efficiency. It could be that it’s just a fresh look that you want. This might require changing wallpapers or painting the walls. Whatever the reason, identifying it will help in budgeting.

3. Do your budget

Identify all you need to change and find out the respective prices from reliable dealers. Changing your washer, dryer, and other laundry machines will be costly. So go for options that are easy on your budget and can last longer. Increasing the size of your laundry may involve bringing down a wall. And that pushes up your budget too. Therefore, be sure of how much you want to spend to get your budget right and avoid disappointments.

4. Partner with the right contractor

Hiring the contractor that is a perfect fit for the job is the surest way to getting a solution that will stand the test of time. The contractor will guide you on the crucial things you may fail to capture in your requirement specification. You can ask for proof of some of the projects that the expert has completed to ensure your choice is perfect. Alternatively, your designer or friends can recommend a competent contractor for you. We at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling are always ready to help.

5. Purchase of supplies

Ensure you buy all required materials before the project gets underway. Have a checklist and either strike out or tick the items you’ve bought. If there are any special things that you can’t get locally, ensure you place an order early enough. The project should not be halted due to a missing requirement.

6. Building permit

Note that, however small your laundry room may be, remodeling it is governed by construction authority rules. You don’t want to find yourself in the wrong books with the government. For that reason, find out whether you need a permit for you to remodel the laundry.

7. Create more space

If your laundry is congested, consider creating space. Make the most of the vertical space available. Floating shelves can help free up space on the floor for more cabinetry. You need enough storage in the laundry if your family has chances of expanding in the future. Standing shelves with hooks to perch caps and jackets can also create more space. Your laundry baskets can also fit on the standing shelves.

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Benefits of Working With Laundry Remodeling Experts

While remodeling your laundry can be a DIY project, it’s better if you involve experts. Partnering with Palm Beach Premier Remodeling as your contractor is never a decision in vain. Some of the benefits you enjoy as our client include:

  • Consistent and fulfilling service delivery
  • Unique approach to your unique needs
  • We continue supporting you way after project completion
  • You receive modern custom solutions that last longer
  • We charge reasonably for our services