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Bathroom Remodel Wellington

You don’t need to rip out everything but the kitchen sink for a bathroom remodel; sometimes you just have to rip out the guest bathroom sink!

In addition to full home renovations, custom-building, and full-size bathroom remodeling, we also specialize in small bathroom remodeling in Wellington.

We believe that your second bathroom, kid’s bathroom, guest bathrooms, and 1/2 baths deserve just as much attention as any other room in the house.

An aesthetically pleasing, clean, modern, and quaint guest bathroom will definitely make your guests more comfortable. Don’t be embarrassed by your outdated second bathroom!

The pros at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling have you covered.

Bathroom REmodeling Wellington Florida

Trusted Suppliers and Builders

We have established a robust network of suppliers in the Wellington area to ensure we get the best materials possible. Even better is that you can come to our showroom and design everything right in front of your eyes and handle a quick and easy installation.  

When it comes to DIY custom closets, we like to say, “Please don’t.” Custom-designed closets and bedroom conversions to closets take a particular type of design know-how to do it right.

There are many factors to take into account for your Wellington custom closet.  We also address any issues such as the removal, addition, or relocation of windows doors and walls.

The design and building of custom closets for your Wellington home is safe in our expert hands. 

Steer clear of big-box stores and rely, instead, on the experienced crew at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling. You will be so glad you trusted the experts

Custom Closets Bring Added Value

Installing custom closets in your Wellington home ads and entirely new element of space, organization and prestige to your home.

We work with you to make your design absolutely perfect. Although we specialize in custom kitchens, the most important aspect to any space is planning and organization because it ads utility.

Our process is seamless from end to end. We stay on time and on budget, cleaning up and providing a professional experience.

Professionally Finished Bathroom Floors

We have worked in Palm Beach County for the last 10 years and have remodeled over 100 bathrooms in that time. We ensure that your bathroom will be stylish and functional, based on your specifications. We do custom tile flooring and all types of floors as well as vanities and custom bathroom showers.
Modern bathroom in blue and gray tones with mosaic on wide angle view

Bathrooms Completed on Time & Within Budget

One advantage of hiring bathroom renovation experts – over amateurs – is that we prioritize your project and ensure it is completed within the least possible time. From floors to vanities, we understand that you have a set budget estimate for your project. We strive to help you achieve your financial and aesthetic goals.

We schedule the project to be completed on time to avoid unnecessary, additional costs. We also understand that you are eager to use your newly renovated bathroom, and we don’t want to disappoint. That is why we are the most preferred bathroom renovation contractor in all of the Palm Beach County Cities.

Vast Experience in Bathroom Renovation

One advantage of hiring a professional bathroom restoration service is that you can rest assured the job will get done. It becomes affordable since we have the right network of suppliers who offer accessories and materials needed at discounted prices. If you try to buy these on your own, you might spend an arm and a leg and still get low quality accessories and materials.

The Benefits of Remodeling Your Guest Bathroom

We have worked with clients all over Palm Beach County. Most of our new clients are referrals from customers we worked with before. This means that we at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling have already earned positive reputation among our clients to a point where they are comfortable referring their friends and family to us. The reason for such reputation is our consistency in delivering quality services to all our bathroom renovation clients.

When you hire us to renovate your bathroom, you are guaranteed to receive a final product that matches your expectations. Try our home renovation contractors today for all your bathroom remodeling needs, and you will be proud of us.Owning a guest bathroom that offers a relaxing and accommodating vibe will put you and your guests at ease, especially if you have the room for overnight guests! Half bathrooms are a fantastic option if you find yourself hosting parties that have a large amount of guests. It cuts down on bathroom line wait times and adds an air of sophistication to the household. Here are just a few benefits of a guest-, kid’s-, second-, or half-bathroom: 

Get a New Custom Bathroom For Your Wellington Home Today

“Bathroom Remodeling Company Near Me” While we admit, we love doing kitchens in Wellington, we also understand the function of custom bathrooms.

No one does small bathrooms and full-service bathrooms like we do. When you work with us, you’ll be able to entertain your guests with ease. Give your kids a bathroom of their own. Cut costs with energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

We work hard to deliver the best in quality, durability, and attractiveness; we work with some of the best materials in the business and always take every part of the home into account. We’ll match the style of your household, add value and functionality to the space, and deliver on all of our promises. 

It doesn’t matter what you need. If a bathroom needs to be designed for the elderly or disabled, we’ll employ augmented features such as no-slip flooring, lowered countertops, and grab bars to make sure the room is as safe and functional as possible.

There’s no way around it: we’re the best in the business. If you are ready to have a bathroom of any size remodeled, reach out to the professionals at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling.