Durable Flooring Installation Options

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Worn-out floors can be one of  the most frustrating experiences that a homeowner can run into. Sometimes the years, the children, and the pets are less-than-kind to your white carpets and tile floors: chips, cracks, stains, and rips begin to tarnish the surface that lays the foundation for your home’s decor. Replacing an entire floor can be quite an undertaking, which is why a little research and a reputable flooring contractor can benefit the whole process. 

Flooring may be the most important item in your house when it comes to style and design; as such, flooring is often used to determine the color of the paint on your walls and the type of furniture that you’ll be using, so the right choice is highly dependent based on the individual preferences of each person. A functional, modern, and stainless-steel decor may match beautifully with polished concrete, but find difficulty in accommodating a wood-like laminate floor. A classically-decorated abode may find its place with mahogany floors but not with the aforementioned concrete. This is why it is so important to speak with an expert in regards to all of the possibilities surrounding flooring options. 

Yet, style is not the only important consideration to deliberate upon whilst choosing the style of flooring that is suitable for your home. Durability is quite the concern for would-be, new, and current parents; apprehension toward brittle flooring systems is also commonplace amongst homeowners that own pets (particularly dogs) and participate in a variety of active ventures.

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What Are the most Durable Flooring Options?

Just like many things in life, each item on our list comes with pros and cons attached; it is up to you to decide which flooring option is best for your unique home, situation, and family.

vinyl Flooring Installation


Vinyl has been a staple in many homes since the advent of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). While there are many different types of vinyl flooring, the most common are PVC plastic that is layered over felt, PVC plastic with foam and felt (cushioned vinyl), and textured vinyl (so the finished surface can look more like stone or wood). Vinyl is great for standing up to heavy foot traffic and moisture and is more comfortable than tile to walk on (vinyl is also a more durable flooring option). 

Top-of-the-line vinyl flooring is often mistaken for real wood and vinyl is slightly more impact resistant. Vinyl is great for mudrooms, baths, kitchens, and other wet places, but it is still not the most durable option you can purchase. It also is a minor source of phthalates, which has been banned in children’s toys and is not eco-friendly.


Since granite is a hard, igneous rock, it Is one of the most popular materials for use in fireplaces, floors, walls, bathrooms, and kitchens. Granite is so durable that it will last a lifetime if it is properly maintained and cared for. Due to the hardness of granite, moisture will not seep through, the color will not fade, it won’t have to be replaced, it is simple to maintain, and can resist spills since it is not a permeable membrane.  

One of the issues with granite is that it often takes a professional team to install. Like all floors, granite also needs maintenance (such as regular mopping and cleaning). As far as durability, granite is one of the most durable flooring options.

Granite Flooring Installation

Terrazzo Flooring Installation


Terrazzo may be the leader in terms of durable flooring options. This option is made out of prefabricated mixtures that often contain quartz, granite, marble, glass, shell, and other hard materials. A binder such as epoxy or cement is used to finish the flooring system.

While it is one of the most durable options, terrazzo can be very cost-prohibitive for flooring systems on a budget; however, there is a low lifetime cost for terrazzo due to its durability. It is best suited for large, high-traffic areas and is often used in airports, showrooms, and entranceways.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles have been a favorite choice for many years due to its classy, chic, and versatile look. Natural stone is available in many colors and varieties, such as slate, travertine, marble, limestone, and sandstone. Out of these, we would recommend granite, slate, and marble due to their hardness. The advantages of natural stone are numerous: they are uncannily beautiful, not slippery, and offer a healthy amount of insulation. 

Perhaps one of the largest concerns is the cost for the purchase of raw materials and the installation itself; however, a flooring installation contractor will be able to work within your budget depending on the grade of stone you desire. One other disadvantage is that some types of natural stone are porous, which means that the material may hold moisture after a spill. In any case, this is easily remedied with a sealer.

natural stone Flooring Installation

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Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors are a great high-end durable flooring option. These floors are more of a work of art than a regular floor. The ability to mix eco-friendly chemicals with metallic pigments can yield ENDLESS results. Metallic epoxy floors are hitting the market and people absolutely love them. Look at this metallic epoxy floor guide to see what is available.

Flooring Installation in Palm Beach County

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to durable flooring options, we can help out if you live in Palm Beach County! At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we work with our clients to deliver: 

  • Custom floor installation requests 
  • Hardwood floor restoration 
  • Granite floor installation 
  • Flooring lamination 
  • Kitchen floor installation and repairs 
  • Hardwood floor restoration 
  • Natural stone floor maintenance and cleaning 
  • Natural stone floor installation 
  • Floor lamination 
  • Engineered wood floor installation 
  • Solid floor installation 
  • Hardwood floor installation 
  • Floor tiles installation 
  • Floor refurbishing 
  • And more! 

We’ve handled flooring jobs of all shapes, sizes, and materials, and we are proud to offer the best flooring installation services in South Florida. We have all the equipment and material options at our disposal to make sure that we install the best floors possible.