Expert Tips on Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

choosing custom kitchen cabinets

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Custom cabinets can transform your kitchen space to a great extent. You get the perfect size, the right colors, specific embellishments, and personalized quality according to your desires. However, choosing custom kitchen cabinetry is not an easy task. For most consumers, understanding the design elements and putting together a list of qualities and features can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

But this shouldn’t be the case anymore because we’ve put together expert tips from our dedicated expert teams to help you choose custom kitchen cabinetry. They answer all your questions to help you pick custom kitchen cabinetry like a pro. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Do the Cabinets Suit My Kitchen?

Every home has its own design elements and style that make it unique, and your home is not an exception. These design elements depend on the time the house was built and the references the designers used. So, put this in mind when you scour the market to choose kitchen cabinetry. Find out about the kitchen size, the openness of the room, molding placements, sink positions, the doors, and window positions, among other aspects.

With an overall view of the kitchen in your mind, you are ideally placed to determine a personalized cabinetry style and finish. Think about all these elements and judge what type of custom cabinet is suitable for this kitchen.

custom cabinets for the kitchen

What Cabinet Size is Proportionate to my Kitchen?

Houses are made using a specific set of measurements that apply to every room, including your kitchen. That’s why there are low and high ceiling kitchens, spacious and narrow kitchens, open and closed kitchens-you name it! All these kitchen types match well with cabinets that have exact measurements. You don’t want to choose oversized cabinets for your kitchen because they might undermine the free movement. An undersize choice will also look out of place and compromise the other design elements.

Don’t just pick the “standard kitchen cabinet size” and hope that it will fit. On the contrary, get the help of a seasoned design expert who can instantly tell you when the house was built and what cabinetry measurements are appropriate for your kitchen.

What Materials are Suitable for my Kitchen Cabinetry?

Going custom allows you to choose the materials for your kitchen cabinets. You could go for wood that matches your furniture, fabricated wood products, plastic, and even metal. There is a wide range of materials that can create attractive, affordable, and functional cabinets for your kitchen space.

Many people who choose custom kitchen cabinetry go for unique materials to get elegant and distinctive designs without compromising on durability. Some of the best quality wood species that stand out include oak, alder, maple, among others.

Can I get the Color and Styles I Want?

As mentioned before, you should not view your kitchen as an isolated room in your home. So, the designs of your kitchen cabinets must match or complement what already exists in your home. The cabinet designs you choose need not be basic storage compartments but also decorative pieces in your space.

Cabinet doors will often inform the style of kitchen cabinet you choose. Yet, you shouldn’t just pick a random elegant door you meet online or local store because they might not match your kitchen theme. Sometimes you’ll have to compromise on beauty to choose a style that is easy to maintain.

If your kitchen is small, going for bright colors will come in handy because they make spaces seem more open and spacious.

What’s the Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you looking for kitchen cabinetry designed from expensive grenadilla wood and gold knobs worth thousands of dollars? Probably not. Do cabinets made from the cheapest manufactured wood and cheap aluminum knobs appeal to you? Guess not. Costs are an important aspect when one wants to invest in personalized kitchen cabinets.

You want to strike a balance between your needs and budget to get kitchen cabinets that have some sense of luxury as well as be budget sensitive. A cabinet designer should be able to give you a range of how much it will cost to meet your needs.


What about Cabinetry Accessories and Finishes?

There are a plethora of accessories and finishes out there to make your cabinetry aesthetically appealing. From decorative carvings, wood engravings, door handles, to convenience storages, and more, you have plenty of decisions to make. When it comes to finishes, you might want to consider vintage, glazes, weathered, antique, and other contemporary finishes. All in all, something that is relevant to your kitchen theme and looks attractive to the eye is what you need.

You can boost the aesthetics of your cabinets using functionalities like lighting and whisper-soft close. These lights can be installed so that they automatically turn on and off when you open and close the cabinet doors.

Should I go for Movable or Fixed Custom Cabinetry?

Custom cabinetry can be permanent installations or movable furniture. If you live in your own home, permanent cabinet fittings will work great. Those who live in rented homes might want to consider movable kitchen cabinetry because of several reasons. First, the homeowner might have strict restrictions forbidding anyone from adding personal installations in the house. The second reason could be you change homes frequently and want to move with your cabinets every time.

Sometimes, you might need a mix of freestanding cabinets and built-in cabinets to enjoy the benefits of both. So, don’t overrule this possibility.

Should I do Cabinet Refurbishing Instead?

Sometimes what you need is not brand new cabinetry but refurbishing what already exists. You’ll be surprised by the fresh look you can attain in your kitchen using refurbishing experts at Palm Beach Premier Remodelling. With this move, you save money by utilizing materials that already exist.

Remodeling can come in three ways:

  • Painting any part the eye can see on the existing kitchen cabinets
  • Laminating the cabinet fronts and other surfaces with veneer or other similar materials
  • Removing the spoilt or unwanted wood and replacing them with new wood.

If your hinges and knobs are old fashioned or damaged, you might want to replace them as well. The refurbishing process also includes sanding the exteriors and interiors of the old cabinets.

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Make Wise Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Decisions

By the end of the day, you want kitchen cabinets that match the theme of your home and fulfill your desires. While you make these choices, you should consider options that are affordable and result in quality. Even better, acknowledge the input of a professional to help you make informed decisions.

Whether you want help with choosing your custom cabinets, looking to install semi-custom kitchen cabinets, or interested in kitchen cabinet refurbishing, you can trust Palm Beach Premier Remodeling to get you the right solutions. We’ve mastered the art of kitchen remodeling and understand kitchen cabinetry to answer all your questions and needs affordably.