10 Fun things to do in Palm Beach Gardens

If you are visiting Palm Beach County, you know you are in for one of the best experiences of your life, as the county offers one of the best sites for relaxation and a great time with friends and family. As a Palm Beach remodeling company, we know all the best spots in town. If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Palm Beach Gardens, check out our top 10 recommendations:

1. The Gardens GreenMarket

If you are visiting Palm Beach Gardens on a Sunday, you don’t want to miss the Gardens GreenMarket. The market holds every Sunday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and offers lots of local delicacies and treats. You can take a walk through the market to see some of the mouthwatering dishes made from local farm produce.

2. The Flagler Museum

Before you go inside to see the historic art and craft, the Flagler Museum building is a work of art on its own. This museum was built in 1902 and is a product of art history in and of itself. It is just a few blocks away from the Atlantic Coast, near Palm Beach. Treat yourself and your family to some great history education while feeding your eyes and mind with the beauty of historical art.

3. Palm Beach

You have not enjoyed Palm Beach Gardens if you have not visited the beach. Palm Beach is located east, towards the Atlantic coast. The beautiful scenery it offers and the warmth from the sun offer a relaxing and pristine experience. Going to Palm Beach from the Palm Beach Gardens will take you nothing more than 25 minutes, as it is a quick 12.5-mile drive.

4. The Gardens Mall

This is one of the best places to shop for premium, high-quality items. Although it is usually considered too expensive, it is where people with high taste want to be. However, not everything in the mall is as expensive as they say. If you love window shopping, you shouldn’t miss this spot.

5. Roger Dean Stadium

If you are lucky, there might just be a baseball game on the day you visit Palm Beach Gardens. If you spend a few days in Palm Beach County during the springtime, you will definitely meet the Florida baseball spring training session. It is way more affordable to go here than so many of the other stadiums plus you get a wide range of amenities and treats for the family. 

6. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and museum

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum is a super-tall building going over 110 feet in height and was built-in 1860. The museum offers a vast historical representation of Florida and one of the most awestriking experiences. It is open every day, and you will be guided by intelligent and enthusiastic tour guides through the museum.

7. Panther Ridge Conservation Center

Do you want to experience wildlife at its wildest? Do you want to experience a day in the life of some of the world’s biggest cats? Then you must include the Panther Ridge Conservation Center in your selected places to visit when you come to Florida. Tours in this location are professionally guided, and you do not have to worry about accidents. Reserve a visitation time and give yourself and your family a wholesome experience.

8. The Norton Museum of Art

This is the third museum on the list and is in no way the less impressive. The Norton Museum of Arts compiles thousands of artworks from different countries, including China, America, and some European countries. Although the museum was founded over eight decades ago, many of the art pieces you will find there are a little more recent.

9. Mounts Botanical Garden

Mounts Botanical Garden is a 14-acre garden that houses around 2000 plant species. It was created over four decades ago and is ten miles southeast of Palm Beach Gardens. More than 25 different gardens within the structure house various plants ranging from tropical trees to fragrant roses and more.

10. Downtown At The Gardens

Almost nothing feels better than being in a resplendent environment with awesome places to see. You can book an event to attend at this highly sought-after venue, which offers relaxing scenery and a beautifully lit environment. Nighttime at Downtown is something you must experience when you visit Palm Beach Gardens.

Rounding Up

If you have not made up your mind about what to do when you visit Palm Beach Gardens, now you have ten ideas and some of the most sought-after places to go. Create time to give yourself and your family a wonderful experience this month. At Palm Beach Remodeling, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality services at competitive prices. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your remodeling project is completed to your satisfaction. Choose Palm Beach Remodeling for a seamless, stress-free experience.